Floral Notes: The birds and the bees [and other bugs]

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It’s not what you think; the children and delicate can read on. These are a collection of occurrences that over the past year amused or delighted me and hopefully, will you, as well.

While cutting the fall garden last year, making the day last until the sun went down, I noticed bumblebees had curled up inside the chrysanthemum flowers when they became too cold to fly. When the next day warmed, they went back to work.

The robins are flocking together this time of year, stripping the crab apples from my trees or gangs of 50 or more are spaced precisely in a ten square foot grid on the lawn. Their quiet murmuring voices at dusk tell me the day is done.

Those drizzly Sundays when ennui is full blown, I’ve been lucky enough to catch the migrating Ruby-crowned Kinglets outside my family room window as they spend the day excitedly clearing my birch tree of tasty bugs. In 27 years, I have only witnessed this rare bird’s visit twice.

Another rare sighting last October was Eastern Bluebirds, who gather for the trip south in large flocks. One morning they were exploring the birdhouses and feeders out my kitchen window. A multilevel dovecote had them popping in and out of each possible future home, chattering about its merits to each other. They posed atop each finial, waiting for me to find a camera, but alas, my photo was not as spectacular as their visit. My husband took many photos of nesting bluebirds across from the GHD offices this summer.

I had a strange, but beautiful, phenomenon happen this September as I came to the end of Route 92 by the lake. It was raining, but sunny — the perfect time of day and conditions for a rainbow. I saw it appear over the village as I sat at the blinking red light. Suddenly the air was full of white dots. Snow? Hail? Leaves? No, it was a storm of white moths numbering in the thousands.

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