Floral notes: Fighting the couch potato within

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The line between resting and laziness is one that is hard to discern during this time of year.

Long days spent reading, napping and watching television are terribly addictive.

One day stretches into many ... before long, muscles relax into mush and it’s so hard to get the energy for anything but a walk to the fridge and my conversation is peppered with quotes from that day’s Dr. Oz show.

This year, I vow to wear pants with zippers to remind myself how uncomfortable a spreading waist feels. I will go outside once a day to walk or ski — weather permitting — and if not, use my indoor workout equipment.

One small change, done over and over, leads to new habits within two weeks, I’ve read; time to try it.

There are traps in everyone’s day that get us at our weakest moments.

After lunch, a nap is hard to resist for me, so I’ll need to start filling that time with something better. A trip to the library with a village ramble or ski around Lorenzo’s grounds might be a big enough lure, but making a date with a friend will ensure I follow through.

Why will we let ourselves down, but not someone else?

There is a group of ladies who walk every morning (at least in the spring, summer and fall). The pace keeps their bodies healthy, but the sharing of their lives with like-minded friends energizes their spirits.

Happiness is born of mind and body in a perpetual motion machine.

My mind and energy are sharpest before lunch. I can multitask with the best of ‘em, but if an errand must be done early, the day is lost, no matter when I arrive back home.

Maybe it’s the coffee at 6 a.m. that lights the fire in me, but I’d rather do outside errands in the afternoon. Everyone needs to figure out their strengths to be able to shore up against weak spots.

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